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Welcome to Skydiving Kiwis the #1 spot in Canterbury to do your tandem skydive! Located in Ashburton only a stone's throw from Christchurch and nestled in the heart of Canterbury's majestic scenery, your mind blowing New Zealand skydiving experience awaits you. Not only do you get to feel the rush of freefall reaching speeds of up to 200kph, your leisurely plane ride to altitude allows you to take in some breath-taking views of New Zealand along the way.

At Skydiving Kiwis you are more than a customer, you're part of our New Zealand Skydiving family!

We are proud to offer you a truly personal 'Kiwi' experience and pride ourselves on providing you with a memory for a lifetime. A memory you will look back on for years to come, always bringing a smile to your face! Photo and/or video options for your skydive are available so you can relive the joy with your family and friends as often as you like.

In 2012 the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority required all adventure aviation operators in NZ to be certified under the new Part 115 rule and we are pleased to announce that we have attained this new certification! The new rule really strengthens our commitment to the safety of the New Zealand skydiving industry. Add to this the 20+ collective years of skydive industry experience from our instructors, you can be assured in the knowledge that your skydiving experience with us will be as exciting and safe as possible!!

So whoever said 'kiwis can't fly' couldn't have been more wrong! Here in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand they are flying and want you to join in on the fun! So what's stopping you? Call us now on 0800 359 549 or book your tandem skydive here!!

Meet the team

Introducing our team of highly skilled and qualified instructors and pilots at Skydiving Kiwis, here waiting to take you on your skydiving adventure in Ashburton! As you will see from their short bios they have a wealth of experience between them both in New Zealand and in other skydiving destinations around the world!

Lee Barraclough:

Lee has been skydiving professionally around the world for the last 8 years, and has clocked up more than 5000 skydives in over 20 different countries. Lee is committed to providing you with the safest and most enjoyable tandem skydive experience possible! An excellent freeflyer and gold medal winning swooper Lee has a wealth of experience to share.

Wayne Holmes:

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Brent Findlay:

The true champion of NZ skydiving, affectionately known by all as #thebrentfindlay. Mention Brent's name on any NZ dropzone and they are sure to know who you are talking about. 5000+ skydives and 6+ hours in the wind tunnel, 3 gold medals, a silver and a bronze from competing, participant of 2015 Australian record 119 way!

Gregg Barraclough:

Here to take you on your journey learning to skydive! 800+ jumps and counting after 4 years in the sport, loving everyday I get to share my passion, and our playground with anyone who is up for it!

Ben Luxton:

I have been skydiving at SDK for a year and eight months and was offered a paid internship position 8 months ago. I don't know what discipline I'm gonna love the most but free fly has definitely caught my eye. With so many great disciplines it's hard to say this early in my career as this could definitely change over time. I'm chasing a career in this amazing sport.

Pearce Bennett:

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Iceman is one of our awesome jump pilots. He is also an experimental test pilot and a flight instructor who has 1300+ hours of flight time. He is type rated in 40+ different types of aircraft and has been making kiwis fly at SDK since 2016. When he is at the controls, you have no worries because he flies “ice cool”.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. We are currently cruising at an altitude of 13000ft . Please exit the aircraft in an orderly manner. Thank you for your cooperation” - ICEMAN

Sophie-Claire Violette:

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