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Learn to Skydive at the best skydiving school in the world - right here in New Zealand

So you have done a tandem skydive or you are just an adrenaline junkie looking to feel the excitement of freefall on your own... Learn to skydive today with Skydiving Kiwis' AFF (Accelerated Freefall) programme at the best skydiving school in the world!

AFF is a universal 9 jump programme used worldwide to teach you guys the exciting sport of skydiving! Each stage you will learn something new to evolve your skydiving skill set and get you closer to that ultimate goal - Skydiving on your own!

Upon completion of your AFF course, you will be able to jump solo and then continue on to 25 jumps to gain your internationally recognised 'A' license. This will enable you to skydive at any 'A' licensed dropzone in New Zealand and indeed around the world!

Skydiving Kiwis Skydiving Kiwis Skydiving Kiwis Skydiving Kiwis

Every second of your skydiving experience will be captured by your instructors and provided to you at no additional cost. Take it home to show your family and friends exactly what you are up to and to relive the experience for yourself over and over again - Believe us you will never forget your first skydive!

Skydiving Kiwis Skydiving Kiwis

We are located at the Ashburton Aerodrome only an hour's drive from central Christchurch. See the Canterbury plains unfold beneath you with Mt Cook in the distance, the glistening South Pacific Ocean, rivers, lakes and more as you embark on your new found adventure into the adrenalin fuelled world of skydiving!

To find out more about what’s involved and prices of courses download our AFF Info Pack.If you would like to do a tandem skydive first, see our FAQs, including the tandem skydive age limit, or for the cost of tandem skydiving, see our pricing guide.

Skydiving Kiwis is one of the best skydiving schools in the world. We offer refresher courses and have instructors available if you are in need of doing a recurrency jump to get back into air.

Any questions you may have or to get yourself booked in for the course please contact us:

Phone: 022 101 1537

Minimum age is 16 - Weight Limit 100kg - Bookings Essential